Where I’ve Been!?!?!

Hey All,

The last you all heard from me was so many months ago! (6 to be exact). And I know you are all probably wondering, WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? What I’m up to, how my goals are coming and most importantly, if I’m still competing. Well, finally after the long silent drought, I am here to fill you all in on what’s been going on with me, an update on my plans for the blog and most importantly whether I’ll be competing this year or not.

Because it has been so long I wanted to make this blog a little more personal and vlog it (Yes, me awkwardly talking to a camera haha)! But I thought it would also be cool to write as well. So you can continue reading if you’d like or check out my vlog below ūüôā

First let me say, life is very good right now. I am in such a great place and very happy. No, for anyone who didn’t read my updated post back in October, I am not in California (everyone asks me that lol). Fortunately and unfortunately, I am still stuck in the desert. I’m out in Phoenix, enjoying the warm winters lol

As you all know, I officially started my career a few months ago and it’s been going pretty well. I’m working as a financial analyst and looking forward to the growth opportunities at my company.

To run or not to run. That was the question back in October and I suppose the answer is why I went dormant on my blog. So, as the training season began, I decided to give it one more try. My days were filled with hitting it hard at the track and working hard at my 9-5 and trying to get sleep in-between. That lasted all of 2 weeks before my body decided it didn’t want to act right. And like an old lady, I ended up with bursitis in my right knee and slight bursitis in my left knee :/ I went to doctors and therapists and had to decide whether or not I wanted push through and treat it or call it quits. At the point I found out bursitis was causing the¬†pain, it¬†was already about 4 or 5 weeks into training season. Which isn’t that far and I had plenty of time to catch back up so for about 2 weeks I tried to heal with the plan still being to compete. But somewhere within that two weeks, two things happened.

The first¬†being that I realized I wasn’t that passionate about it anymore. While track has literally shaped my life, friends, boyfriend, even my current career, somehow I knew at the Olympic Trials, that was my last run and I found peace with that. I walked off the track knowing I had given my all to the sport and I had fulfilled what I said I would. I went after my dream, and although I came up short, way to go out with a bang! Representing everyone I love on national t.v. and having an exclusive interview! But the will of everyone else started to overpower how I felt. It felt like I was being¬†pressured into training another year instead of doing it for the love of the sport.

The second thing that happened was me listening to my body. As you all might know, I’ve been through quite a few injuries within my career but last year was by far thee worst year physically for me and I know I would not be able to go through that again, mentally or physically. I can’t even begin to tell you the injuries I had to bounce back from, but here’s a short list ūüėČ a pinched nerve resulting in not being able to turn to the right side, knee injury (probably bursitis), right hip going out resulting in a limp, back spasm resulting being unable to walk/move for days and once I was able to hobble being forced to use a cane to walk, and that’s just off the top of my head :/ While most of these injuries were short lived set backs lasting no longer than 1 or 2 weeks (with the exception of my knee injury which lasted 6 weeks) it still took a major toll on me to even make it to the line at the Olympic trials, which I would also like to mention¬†I all of sudden started having issues with my hamstrings the day before the prelims :/

All of that to say, when only a few weeks in I found myself dealing with injuries out the gate. I decided to call it a career and end my track journey. And what an amazing journey it’s been! I got to compete around the world, represent the USA, and chase my dream. I honestly¬†cannot complain, I did a lot more than a lot of people and a lot less than others but I’m so happy for all of the experiences I’ve had and¬†thankful & blessed¬†that I even had the opportunity (Praise the Lord).¬†But now it’s time for a new journey, not a new chapter but a whole new book!

New Projects??

Of course I plan to be active on my blog once again, which is officially a business (jumps for joy), I also have a lot of other things going on as well. I am currently working on my poetry book entitled “Words Are Better Spoken,” the illustrations went underway¬†a few¬†weeks ago¬†and they should be completed in less than¬†2 months! So I’m hoping to have the book¬†published by my birthday!!!¬†I’ve been performing at open mic’s in the¬†Phoenix area and I can’t wait¬†for my book to become available!

I am also working on a new project called “Hurdling Through College (HTC).” I have created a seminar¬†called “Being More Than An Athlete”that is focused on providing student-athletes with¬†information on¬†how to maneuver through college life. From the recruitment to landing¬†the first post-collegiate job. The seminar covers everything¬†young athletes need to know on how to use their abilities to be successful.¬†I’m hoping to build around the HTC brand and explore other ways to help both high school and collegiate athletes. I am also working on a book to go along with the seminar.¬†For more information about the seminar or to book me as a speaker, please contact me!

Well that’s all the updates I have everyone. I hope you all are doing well and had a happy and blessed easter. Thanks for reading ūüôā


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