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We can Hurdle through this together! I offer several products that can help.

Contact me in order to purchase a product.

Hurdling Through Finances – $15

This workbook covers a comprehensive introduction to Financial Health that every Young Adult should know. From student loans, credit health, stocks, bonds, money markets, Roth IRA’s to things as simple as a checking and savings account. This workbook gives all the information needed to equip young adults with the knowledge to have a healthy financial future!

Hurdling Through High School – $15

Designed for high school student-athletes in order to teach them how to navigate college life. Topics that are covered include but are not limited to preparing for college, selecting a college, selecting a major, the recruitment process, the do’s and don’ts of college life, a brief introduction to financial health (full introduction is separate and called Hurdling Through Finances) and more. The workbook equips participants with the right tools to fully utilize the opportunities given to them as future collegiate student-athletes.

Hurdling Through College – $15

Coming Soon!

Hurdling with You – $100

Via Google Hangouts/Skype

Want even more! One on one personal session with me available!

I offered one on one, 1 hour personal session to help athletes and parents. Availability may be limited. Please contact me for more information. 

Hurdling Through Life – Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Want me to come speak at your school or event?

Offering services as a Special Guest, Panelist or Speaker.


Current Seminars Being Offered:

Being More Than An Athlete 

Hurdling Through College

Hurdling Through Finances

Check out the Being More Than An Athlete High School and Hurdling Through Finances Brochures below!

Being More Than An Athlete High School Brochure

Hurdling Through Finances Brochure

Contact me for details and pricing.

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