Journal Entry – Collateral Damage

Hey Everyone!

Today I’d like to talk about collateral damage, according to Webster’s dictionary:

Collateral damage: injury inflicted on something other than an intended target; specifically

Now, I know you may be asking why is this a topic and what does it have to do with anything. The question for today’s journal entry is

Are you causing Collateral Damage by not walking in your purpose?

This is for the people who are settling in life. Settling for that relationship, that job, that lifestyle, etc. Not walking in your purpose, not being your true self or living truly doesn’t just have an effect on your life but others. The crazy thing about life is that we are all connected to people in ways that cannot even be imagined. Just like the butterfly effect, the decisions we make effect thousands of people in ways we will never know. And the decision to settle for a life outside of our purpose is one of the worst ways to have collateral damage to others.

How many people’s lives could you have had the opportunity to change had you walked in your purpose? Take time to evaluate your life, what your purpose is, and if you are settling. In today’s society it’s so easy to settle, so easy to be what everyone else wants you to be. I’ve faced it myself time and time again but you have to push through! What more can you do? How can you get on track or stay on track?

The amazing thing about life is our purpose changes as we change, so what you once thought was your purpose could only be tied to it now. As we change we have to re-evaluate our focus and continue to hone in on our gifts and purpose.

In today’s journal take time to reflect on your life, gifts, and purpose. Are you fulfilled? If so, what can you do to continue this fulfillment and how can you fulfill others? If not, how can you become fulfilled? What’s one step you can take in that direction?

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