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Journal Entry – Collateral Damage

Hey Everyone!

Today I’d like to talk about collateral damage, according to Webster’s dictionary:

Collateral damage: injury inflicted on something other than an intended target; specifically

Now, I know you may be asking why is this a topic and what does it have to do with anything. The question for today’s journal entry is

Are you causing Collateral Damage by not walking in your purpose?

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Daily Dose: Journal Sundays – October 30th

Who is holding you accountable?

No matter what the goal or dream, accountability is a major key. Do you have someone who will hold you accountable? We as humans do fall off, make excuses, lose motivation and get distracted, especially when we have a large goal that takes time to reach. The best thing we can do has have someone present who can keep us motivated and hold us accountable when we lose focus.

Just make sure the person who is your accountability buddy is serious about you reaching your goal and someone who can be hard on you. The worst thing you can do is have a buddy who allows you to cheat! So makes sure you the right people in your corner.

Daily Dose: Vision Friday – October 28th

Today’s Daily Dose is YOUR VISION.

On Friday’s we ask that you take a moment to visualize whatever your goals and aspirations are! The biggest motivation comes from within. You have to visualize what you want and start taking steps to get to it.

So take a moment and envision yourself achieving your goal.

Write it down.

Now what’s your next step towards that vision? How do you get there? Has it changed from last week? How so and why?

Want to share your vision? Comment below and your vision may be featured in our next Vision Friday!