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Where I’ve Been!?!?!

Hey All,

The last you all heard from me was so many months ago! (6 to be exact). And I know you are all probably wondering, WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? What I’m up to, how my goals are coming and most importantly, if I’m still competing. Well, finally after the long silent drought, I am here to fill you all in on what’s been going on with me, an update on my plans for the blog and most importantly whether I’ll be competing this year or not.

Because it has been so long I wanted to make this blog a little more personal and vlog it (Yes, me awkwardly talking to a camera haha)! But I thought it would also be cool to write as well. So you can continue reading if you’d like or check out my vlog below ūüôā

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Life Update: The Best of Many Worlds, A Juggling Act

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying my new blog format and site layout. I decided to change the concept of my blog from me boring you all with my life to me potentially helping people to live their lives. I’m very excited to provide information and inspiration for everyone to pursue their goals! And occasionally to bore you all with my life lol. I changed the format because I have always said I wanted to be an inspiration to people and I realized I could use my blog as a platform to do that. So, you can look forward to more post and videos (coming soon), all about helping you achieve your dreams. And check the blog daily to see the daily dose of motivation and inspiration!


What’s going on in my life?

I know my last update, I told you all that I was heading to California to continue to follow/chase my dream and go for London 2017! Well, plans definitely changed to say the least. Continue reading Life Update: The Best of Many Worlds, A Juggling Act

October Goals!



Hey Everyone!

Every month I set a monthly goal list to keep me focused and on track to achieving them. Not only do I have monthly goals but I also have monthly action plans (action plans help with accountability and setting realistic expectations). I encourage you to do the same!

Currently, I am working a full time job as a Financial Analyst and I am a full time athlete training for the 2017 World Championship Trials in June 2017. Most of my days consist of waking up early before work and lifting weights, working an 8 hour day plus an hour lunch (so a 9 hour day), after work doing a track workout session, and finally returning home around 7/8pm. 

With my crazy schedule, I realized that even though I’m a highly ambitious person, there is no way I can go after everything I want without burning out. I have a lot of goals that I may need to put off for when I have more time but that doesn’t mean I can’t work towards some of them now.

This month I have a short goal list because this is the first time I’m going to be training and working full time and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to dedicate towards my aspirations. This month is going to be more about feeling things out.

So here it goes. My first goal list.

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A New Passion???

Hey All!

So, about a week ago I had sort of an epiphany¬†and realized I really enjoy video editing. If you follow my blog you may have seen that I did a few low quality videos on my phone and did some editing for my feature fridays. I’ve also done some video editing for family before and some personal videos. While I enjoyed doing it, I never really thought anything of it. Last week, as I was waking from slumber I realized that it might actually be another passion of mine that I haven’t paid enough attention to.


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Sooo… I Big Chopped!


Hi Everyone!

So‚Ķ I cut off 95% of my hair! This may be shocking to some people but it’s actually something I’ve been planning since March. If you know me personally, most likely you know my obsession with my hair and my obsession with healthy hair. I’ve studied tons of youtube gurus over the years (since 2011 when I first decided to wear my¬†natural hair) and my bathroom looks like a hair salon.

While I haven’t had a perm since 2006 (10 years!!! That’s crazy!), I have been plagued with Heat Damage since I’ve been natural and this year I’d had enough! One day when looking at the hanging wavy and straight pieces coming from most of my head, I realized it had been 5 years since I started wearing my natural hair and the entire time I’ve had heat damage. I knew I didn’t want to go another 5 years fighting the same battle so I decided to do a big chop after my track season was over. Continue reading Sooo‚Ķ I Big Chopped!

Hiccups, Season Opener, Special Announcement


Hi All,

I know it’s been a while and many of you have been wondering where I have been. I had a few hiccups and decided to pull back on my blog and social media but I’m back! In today’s post I just wanted to update everyone and let you all know how my first race went! Also, I have a special announcement!

Hiccups On the Journey

One day about a month ago, I suffered from a chronic back spasms that left me almost immobile and barely able to walk or move. I suffered with mobility for about a week and was unable to practice. After a week I was able to gradually start doing more things with little to no pain and after two weeks I was hurdling again. Because of this hiccup, I was unable to compete in the first two meets that I scheduled and pushed my season opener back to this past weekend, April 30th. I didn’t want to jinx it so I went underground for a while.


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Staying Prayed Up

Hey All,

I hope everyone is doing well. As the outdoor season approaches I wanted to give you all an update on how my training is going and give a few tips and advice. And let you all know that my blog is currently going through some changes! It is now and I will be posting multiple times per week. Some posts will be updates on me and track, others will be informational about hurdles and track, there will be workout tips and health tips post, advice posts and Q&A post (so send me questions!!!) and of course Feature Fridays will continue!

I also wanted to let you guys know that I am working on a Spoken Word Poetry Chapbook that I will be having per-sale for very soon!!! I am currently looking for an illustrator and working on the book cover so it is almost complete! The proceeds will go to my Road to Rio journey! If you want to check out one of the poems that will be in the book click here! Continue reading Staying Prayed Up

A Warm Winter

We go through different seasons in our lives but these seasons don’t follow the traditional weather seasons that we have each year. Often times a life season can be very different from the weather season that we are in. And sometimes our life seasons can span weeks, months, or even years. And often our seasons do not go in order of the weather seasons. I am currently experiencing a very cold winter season in the middle of summer. Continue reading A Warm Winter

World Travels, Track and Graduation

I haven’t written on my blog in over a year. That’s crazy! It seems like life was moving so fast and the next thing I know it was a year later lol So what has this past year brought me. Let’s start with traveling. I’ve literally been on a World tour this year. I’ve been amazingly blessed and was able to travel to¬†Singapore, Japan and Brazil because of my study abroad programs. And my mother and I went to Italy and France. I went all around the world in 4 months and it was ‚Ķ AMAZING. In case you are wondering, my favorite place was‚Ķ‚Ķ Tokyo! It’s like New York on steroids but with a Vegas flare. 11139366_10204024515274188_1043735639905385200_n Now I know you guys are wondering, I was I running track with all that traveling. I¬†wasn’t. I ran into some difficulties with track. At the end of last season I was facing an intense pain in my achilles tendon and severe cramping in my calves. I finished the season (barely), and I didn’t do too well at Nationals. I didn’t even make the simi’s. I was disappointed but also relieved because I could start focusing on my recover. Unfortunately, the injury lingered into this season. By January, I made the decision not to compete this year in order to fully recover so I can be 100 percent healthy next year. Continue reading World Travels, Track and Graduation

Welcome March!

Hey Everyone!

Today is the last day of February, and I must admit I am happy to see it go! This winter has been the worst I’ve ever experienced with the cold weather and countless snow storms I’m literally counting down the days until it is over! We have had some beautiful days, like last week here in the DMV it was in the 60’s but that was followed up with two days of snow this week. It is so hard to get in quality training with the weather sooo back and forth. So I for one am rejoicing to see March! I’m hoping that we are at the tail end of winter and it won’t drag out like it did last year. I remember last year in May we had some pretty cold weeks.

I graduate from school next year and I am seriously thinking about relocating to some warmer weather but only time will tell. I hope you all are having great weeks! Talk to  you soon!