Daily Dose: I Smile, Kirk Franklin – November 10th

About Hurdling Through Life

Hurdling Through Life is an inspiration blog created to provide resources that inspire and motivate readers to pursue their dreams and ambitious. With the right mindset, resources, milestones, and motivation almost anything can be achieved. The site is built on the concept of Living True and Truly Living which means breaking through barriers (or hurdles😉 ) and becoming the person one aspires to be so one can live truly. As the author works towards and achieves her goals, the readers are encouraged to work toward their goals.

Hurdling Through Life is a blog created by Landria Buckley, M.B.A., a Howard and University of Maryland Alumna and professional track and field athlete. The blog was created to document her journey, inspire others, and give advice. In her 28 years of life, she has been able to achieve major milestones and goals, such as traveling the world, competing as a professional athlete, obtaining her Masters, having a professional Finance career, writing a poetry chapbook, public speaking and learning various skills along the way. Always wanting to achieve more she continues to set and meet goals and would love for you to join her on her journey and hopefully inspire yours.


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