Being More Than An Athlete

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! This week I wanted to talk about what I do outside of track and encourage everyone to be more than an Athlete. Whether you are a high school athlete or working a full time job, it is always beneficial to do more than the requirement!

Doing More

As many of you know, I am definitely more than an athlete, I have obtained my Masters in Business Administration (MBA), volunteered, traveled the world, done public speaking and much more. While I was in college, not only was I a scholarship athlete but I was on 3 executive boards for student organizations, interned, and volunteered. While I believe in being well rounded and not putting all your eggs in one basket, I will admit it does have some drawbacks. Sometimes being overloaded with different things can cause a loss of focus or the feeling of being overwhelmed. The key is finding a balance and knowing how much one can handle.


Since I have been in Phoenix, I have joined the Urban League Young Professionals and I am an active member on two committees. I also have been volunteering and I’m looking into volunteering more with Athlete’s for Hope. This is really good because while I’m here I can become part of the community, give back, and network!

I also keep myself busy by helping with my older sister’s business, My Sister’s Keeper. She encourages a positive message of women empowerment, I encourage everyone to check out the website and support! 🙂

Not to mention, I also work on this blog and I am currently writing a mystery novel (that I plan on pre-selling within the next few months! So keep a look out for that!).

I hate to talk about myself but I want use myself as an example to everyone that you can do more than the requirement and find fulfillment in multiple areas. We, at least my generation, was always taught to be well rounded but it can be really easy to only focus on a few things, like sports, working, family and friends. We have to remember we are blessed to be a blessing to others! God has given us multiple gifts, not just one or two and with that being said we have to do more because we are shining representations of God’s glory!


Advice to Young Athletes

Network! Join a committee, an organization, do an internship or volunteer! It is hard to be a student-athlete but remember you are a student first and students get involved with their schools. They are active members within the school community. A lot of young athletes (I have been guilty of it myself) become so consumed with school and their sports that they do not participate in other activities. This can be detrimental for athletes because when their athletic careers are over, they do not have the network or resume to do other things. Of course, balance is the key, do not overwhelm yourself but try to branch out and do more things that interest you. Things that can help you in the long run. Our bodies can only participate in sports for so long and whether you become a superstar or have a professional career, you are going to have to do more than compete. Look at all the big time stars now, they do charity work, own businesses, do public speaking, and countless other things. Being just an athlete is never enough, no matter what level you are on.



Don’t think that I forgot about you guys. A lot of people become so consumed with work and family life, they don’t remember to branch out. Networking is still important for the professional and family member. Get involved with the community whether it is a professional organization, the PTA, or volunteering from time to time. Try new hobbies and find new things you love! And if you are trying to get in shape, you can even join a running group or an exercise club or better yet start your own with a group of friends! Don’t limit yourself because before you know it years have gone by and you may find yourself in a rut.

I still have a workout tip but it is not an exercise. It is the importance of cardio and making sure you have cardio workouts in your workout routines! Doing exercises are great but nothing, in my opinion, burns more fat than cardio. Long jogs (10- 30 minutes) are great but you can also do another things for cardio. Dance aerobics, swimming, power walking, recreational sports, anything to get your heart beat pumping and your body sweating! Our bodies respond better when we are working up a sweat!

Once again thank you for stopping by! See you next week! Please feel free to like, comment, and share! 

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