Feature Friday: Stephon Pamilton

IMG_0147Stephon Pamilton is an American sprinter specializing in the 400m dash and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign alumni. He was born and raised in the urban areas of Jacksonville, FL with his mother, Ernell Townsend, and younger brother until his late teens. He became a young father during high school, having his first child at the age of 17, and his last at age 21 with a total of 4 children. Throughout his life, his small family has always been a drive behind his endeavors, whether succeeding academically or athletically. Stephon’s personal honors and awards include 3x Bethune-Cookman University MVP, 4x NCAA All-Region, 4x NCAA All American, 6x All-Conference, and 4x Big Ten 400m Champion.


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Resting When Sick


Hi All,

I hope you all having starting this week on a great foot! I was under the weather all last week and felt it would be a great opportunity to share my experience. Also, check out my tribute to Black History Month post a spoken word called Roots!

Workout Update

As I stated previously, I was sick all last week. I’m unsure what I caught but it was terrible, probably the worst sickness I’ve ever had. I have always been taught to train through being sick and that’s exactly what I planned on doing. I attempted to practice twice last week both to no avail. The first attempt, I realized when I got there I wasn’t going to be able to do it so I talked to my assistant coach and went home. The next day, I was feeling fairly better and started the warm up but was too ill to finish it. I talked with my coach and we decided to try his approach. Which is taking it easy when you’re sick because your body is already in deficient so it best to let it recover. It was a really hard pill for me to swallow because my workouts had been going so well and sitting out boring. So, for two days I stayed home, rested and tried to get better. Friday I was able to warm up and Saturday I did a light workout and today (Monday) I am back in the game! Continue reading Resting When Sick

Feature Friday: Marvellous “Marvie” Iheukwumere

Marv nigerian flag

Marvellous “Marvie” Iheukwumere is a Nigerian 100m/200m sprinter who has a passion for helping people and using her talents to glorify God. Born and raised in Aba, Nigeria, she moved to Austin, Texas in 2001. Marvellous graduated from Columbia University (class of 2014) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Her honors include: 2014 Nigerian Nationals Finalist (200), 8x Ivy League Conference Champion, 2x NCAA Division I Qualifier, 2x NCAA Division I Academic All-American, 2014 NCAA Ivy League Woman of the Year, 2014 Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar, 2012-2014 Mellon Mays Research Fellow, and the 2012 New Balance Armory Women’s College Athlete of the Year. Marvellous currently holds the school record in the 100 m dash and her 60, 100, and 200 m times are on the all-time Ivy League lists. Aside from her athletic achievements, she also graduated in the top 10% of her class and is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society.


Marv LBJ

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Feature Friday: Ese Okoro

 “Sometimes you have to be knocked down to be built back up into a better and stronger structure, that’s life” how else do you grow? From the ground and up” Ese Okoro


Ese Okoro is a British 400m hurdler who was born in Birmingham, England on July 4th. She has 3 brothers and 3 sisters, one includes her twin sister. Her father used to hold the Nigerian high jump record and her mother was a talented basketball player (she was the first 16 year old to play for England). Ese graduated from Middlesex University (BA Law undergrad degree) and Iowa State (Masters Program of Interdisciplinary Studies). During her time at Iowa State, she earned 2nd team All-American x2 (2012-2013) and 1st team All-American honors (2014), Big 12 athlete of the week (2014), 6th place finisher at European Junior Championship, Big 12 Indoor 600yard Champion (2013), 3rd place finisher at Big 12 Outdoors Championships (400mH), Drake Relays Champion 400mH (2013), 2nd place finisher Big 12 Outdoor Championships (2014. 400mH), Commonwealth Games 400mH (2014) , and NCAA Outdoor Championships 2012, 2013, 2014.


“I needed to realize track didn’t define me and I had other talents than just track.”


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Feature Friday: Frankie Wright


What motivates me to be great is when someone tells me I CAN’T do something that I KNOW I’m capable of doing because I believe in myself and strive to prove them wrong.

Frankie Wright is an American 400 meter sprinter. Born and raised in Westside Baltimore City, MD, where his family and community have been a major support system throughout his career. He is a Barton County Community College (Associates) and The University of Oklahoma (Undergraduate and Masters) Alum. His achievements and honors include 3x Long Jump State Champion (MD), 2x Triple Jump State Champion (MD), 4 x 200m State Record Holder 4x200m (MD), 2x Performer of the Year (MD), 2x Featured on MD High School Sports Show, Big XII Long Jump Indoor Champion 2007 (OU), Indoor World Gold Medalist 4x400m relay.


I always had the goal in life to be someone that other people could look up to.  

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First Race Jitters: Race Strategy

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great 2016! It’s crazy how time flies and I know I haven’t done an update in a long time! Sorry about that but I hope you are all enjoying the Feature Fridays, featuring some of the amazing athletes at Altis! From here on out I will be doing updates once every two weeks. I am also considering doing weekly or bi-weekly workout tips and advice post separately. Comment on this post or my Facebook to let me know if that is something you all would be interested in!


Workout Update:

Training is going very well! I did have a minor setback during the month of November (I know so long ago!). I ended up hurting my right knee. We believe it was from a weight room technique that my body did not respond well to and over time the muscles in my knee became weak. The upside to this injury was that it reintroduced me to mediation and I learned different ways to mediate and how different vibrations can affect the human body. It also put me back in a position where I really had to have faith and depend on God. Just another one of his magnificent testimonies in my life! Continue reading First Race Jitters: Race Strategy

Feature Friday: Yours Truly, Landria Buckley

Pride Pic

“Inspiring young athletes, letting them know just because you’re from a small town and/or attend a small school it doesn’t mean you can’t do big things! Follow your dreams!!”

Landria Buckley is an American 400 hurdler and Howard University (undergrad) and University of Maryland (M.B.A.) Alumnae. She was born in Michigan and most of her life lived in a small town called Romulus, right outside of Detroit. She has 5 siblings (4 of which she was raised with) and comes from a very loving family. Her mother, Priscilla Estep, has been a major support system throughout her entire life, believing in her whole heartily on whatever venture she found herself on. And her father, Landress Buckley, has always pushed her athletically, giving her the drive, will to win, and competitiveness of a champion. Her personal honors and awards include 2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier, 2013 USA National Finalist, USA 2013 World University Finalist, 1 x NCAA All- American, 4 x NCAA All- Region, 6 x MEAC Champion, 6 x Howard University MVP.

“My high school coach told my mom, that it was as if I was meant to run hurdles.”
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Feature Friday: Joe Greene

This is a chance to run track again and pursue my dreams; a second chance.

 Joe Greene is an American 400 meter hurdler from Rochester NY. He is the youngest of 3 boys and is decorated with achievements. He is the 2012 University at Albany Wall of Fame Inductee, 2009 University at Albany Player of the Year Honors recipient, 2006 USA World Junior Team Member,
2006 Rookie of the Year Honors recipient, 3x Division I All-America honors recipient, 4x IC4A Champion, 11 x America East Conference Champion, 3x Outdoor Track & Field Most Valuable Player Honors recipient and 2005 New York State 400 meter Champion.

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Feature Friday: Shante Little


You can do whatever you want to do if you’re willing to work for it.

Shante Little is a professional 400m hurdler for Oiselle, representing Great Britain. Little graduated from Wheaton College (MA) where she was a 2x national champion (400m) and 16x All-American. She currently holds 5 school records and is still the DIII national record holder over 400m hurdles!

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