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All Things Through God!

I am very honored and proud to announce that I have been selected to represent my country in a few weeks for the World University Games in Kazan, Russia! This is a great honor and I am truly happy and grateful that I have been blessed with this opportunity! Glory to God, without him I am nothing. #2013 #imgoingtomakeyouabeliever #blessed #USA #David #John14:12 #mustardseed

I’m going to make a post about my experience at USA Nationals and how it feels to be selected to represent the USA! I’ll also include my struggles this year and other things I’ve learned. 😀 It will most likely be up in the next few days!!

Photo: #mustardseed #2013 #letsgo #imgoingtomakeuabeliever #1dayleft #glorytoGod #praising #praying

Photo: Started from the bottom now I'm here! Still got some climbing to do but all in God's time! A great competition! #USANationals #glorytoGod #2013 #letsgo #imamakeyouabeliever #blessed #mustardseed #david

Start with a Step

I was starting to feel some kind of way because I’ve had some set backs with track. I was doing really well and the second week of May I became really sick and stayed sick for 2/3 weeks and was very congested until half way through the very last week of May. Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve lost my rhythm :-/ This provided me with some inspiration just when I needed it. I’m just going to stay focused and continue to pray. Work ethic of a carpenter. More faith than a mustard seed!

Start with a Step

So He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus. – (Matthew 14:29)

Sometimes people are critical of Peter because he sank during his walk on the water to Jesus. But apart from Jesus himself, Peter is the only one to ever walk on water. And, by the way, it wasn’t a presumptuous act on Peter’s part. He did ask permission, and Jesus granted it.

I can imagine Peter swinging one leg over the side of the boat and testing his weight a little. Next, he brings the other leg around. Soon, he is standing on the water. Then he takes a step… then another step.

But the waves were high, the sea was rough, and Peter probably thought, What am I doing? Then he began to sink.

As he cried out to Jesus, the Lord reached down, grabbed him, and pulled him up. Then He said, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31). I find it interesting that in the original language, “little faith” is one word. There is a tenderness implied in the language, almost as though it were a nickname. Oh, Littlefaith. You were doing so well. I’m so proud of you, Peter. Jesus lifted him up, and they walked back to that boat. But Peter had taken a step of faith.

This reminds us that God can take even a little faith and turn it into big faith if we will just take a step of faith. So many times we want the detailed blueprint. But just start with a step. Just start where you are. Do what you can.

You have your world. You have your opportunities. Start with someone you can think of who needs Christ this year. Pray for him. Share with her. And remember that doors don’t necessarily stay open forever. Everything starts with a little step.

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Hurdles from Hell

Today, I had a hurdle practice, the best way to put it is,… from hell. Lol. When I was told the workout by my coach I was thinking, “That’s it. Another chill practice” But quickly after I began I realized how hard it was. My body was completely breaking down and my legs became bricks! We went over 100 hurdles today,let me repeat ONE HUNDRED HURDLES (not the 100 hurdles like the event but actually jumped over 100 hurdles)!

My thoughts on the workout, you ask? I can’t wait to do it again!

Surprisingly. I think it is exactly what I need. I am terribly out of shape and these kind of workouts, breaking my body down, wearing me out, are going to get me where I need to be. So, today was a great workout. I can’t wait until I am strong and these workouts seem like nothing or don’t even make me break a sweat.

About a month ago, I went on a 15 minute run and was laid out! It took me about an hour to recover and now I can go on a 35 minute run with hills finish strong and walk away like I just took a walk. Strength will come and my muscle memory is slowly coming back. I’m excited to see how this season will go (especially with me starting so late). I am in the right place at the right time.

I know this is random so I will give more of a background on me and my love/hate relationship with track in my next track post. I just wanted to drop in, really quick.

Thanks for reading 😀