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A Tribute to Black History Month: Roots

In honor of Black History Month. Here is a piece from my upcoming Spoken Word Book!!  I’ll be pre-selling the book soon and the proceeds will go towards my journey to Rio! I hope you enjoy! Comment, Share, And Like!



Because I am a woman?
Because I am black?
Because you think strength is something that I lack?

The blood in my veins are those of slaves,
The color of my skin is a mixed pigment of all of them,
From the naps on my head to the soles of my feet,
They all make up a part of me. Continue reading A Tribute to Black History Month: Roots


Tender Kisses

So I logged on to fb and in the corner it said become a fan of sweet kisses… I was inspired lol It made me think of that song Tender Kisses, even though it’s a break up song I wrote a love poem. Then I thought maybe I’d share my thought process, sometimes I write things to get the just of what I want to say… mostly when I write poems. It would be too hard to do with a spoken word. So I have the final product and the rough draft version… I hope you like :o)

Rough Draft…

The tenderness of your lips on mine,
No tongue this time,
Not trying to start anything,
Just enjoying this thing.

Enjoying your presence,
So close I can hear your heart beat,
I know the rhythm because our hearts are in sync.

Enjoying your touch,
As you caress my face,
Slowly as I get a taste,
Of your sweetness.

This is better than any kiss.

Completed work…

The rhythm of our hearts are in sync,
The drumming of them draws each other near,
Creating a song, only our souls can hear.

The soft caress of a hand to skin,
As our spirits create their own dance,
Forces eyes to close, in order to take the feeling in.

The tenderness in the touch of lips,
As our souls come together in a mist,
Makes this better than any other kind of kiss.

The love song playing softly,
As our souls dance in the mist,
Happens every time we share this.

When our eyes reopen again,
The reason they are so locked in,
Is because our souls reminisce,

Waiting for another tender kiss.
As you can see they are kind of completely different lol


I.I just looked through the window and watched.
As if out of nowhere this sky turned gray,
And water forced its way down. Almost like the tears I cried.
It falls like our love does, And it is just as unpredictable.
I don’t think I will go outside today,
He loves the rain, And it is raining,

I have a lot of
work to do today but
it is such a beautiful day.
It happened
all of a sudden.
She actually
caught me off guard
today did.
Her eyes,
that was her beauty.
I tried to
keep her tears
touching the ground
but it was—
Yes, a break
After all,
It is raining.
And she hates the rain.

Deja Vu (Fireworks)

I keep having the same dream,
It feels so real my mind keeps telling me there’s no way it can’t be reality,
The way it captures me,
The way it pulls me in,
And how it happens so frequently making me feel like it’s more of a déjà vu,
And the world I’m living in is really the dream and that the dream is actuality,
But then I wake up,
Startled and confused,
Looking around but only dark is my view,
When I close my eyes again… I see the sparks flying in the air…


It feels like I’m actually there.
I am not alone, there is someone in my presence,
Making this moment more than what it is,
Something more special than it has ever been.

A Kiss,

So soft my toes tingle, so lost my tongue numbs,
So crossed I don’t know the difference between his lips and mine,


Another one goes off,
Lighting the sky, as we watch from the below,
Thinking of it now… it’s just… too… cute.
Laid out on a roof,
While the city explodes in lights all around us,
Gazing in someone’s eyes,
While the different colors reflect,
Being caressed… I truly feel fingertips on the small of my back,

So lost, Lost in an embrace that keeps me from floating away,
From floating in the sky myself,
And exploding into a residue,
That appears as a color,
To entertain on lookers,

And then,
Suddenly I’m awake,


But when I close my eyes, they go off again.

I keep having this same dream,
And I think I finally realized what it means,
No matter how far away in the sky I may go,
No matter how much we may explode,
The memories will linger,
And he doesn’t have to look up in the sky,
Or wait until the fourth of July either,
Because when I close my eyes,

*Singing* : All I see is fireworks, Every night it’s fireworks, All I see is fireworks, Taking off like Fireworks:

And because when he closes his eyes,

I’ll see,

He’ll see,

We’ll see,


Morning Coffee


I woke up today,

And found out I’d been sleeping for years,

Astonished was I to see this new world,

How much had changed while I was gone,

Life just seemed to go on,

Burrowed away in my head,

My hopes and dreams seemed to expire,

Trapped inside my own body,

Completely introverted,

Now when I look in the mirror,

I don’t recognize the person looking back,

Where is my youth, beauty, and charm?,

The young girl with the big heart and open arms?,

I see an old lady with wrinkles and gray hair!,

That’s not me…

I just woke up today,

And found I’ve been sleeping for years,

Woke up to two children and a husband telling me who I am,

But I only remember who I was,

When I woke up to a screaming alarm,

And motioned through my day,

I realized I’d slept my whole life away,

I’ve slept for the last 30 years,

But now I’m finally awake,

             And Ready To Live…