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Achieving Your Goals: The Story of Why

Deep in the Amazon there lies a tree of truth. Anyone who brews from this tree will be given all of the answers to their quest.

A sous-chef Aaron, sought out to the tree. There, he brewed his tea and fell into a deep slumber. He entered a world filled with light and hope.

“What is the secret to the greatest soup?” He yelled out.

Moments later he awoke to a note.

The secret to great soups….Heavy Cream, Broth, Bouillon cubes, Beef broth, Juice, Ground beef, Turkey bacon, Sausage, Cheese, Peanut butter, Flour Tortilla strips, Pasta, White rice, Chicken.

The list went on for two pages.

He gathered his belonging and zealously ran to the nearest village and began to shop. He spent every dime he had, for he was intent on making the perfect soup.

After one day of preparation and cooking, his soup was finally complete. He invited all of his acquaintances, and though he was still unsure what to call it. He titled the feast as the Worlds Greatest Soup.

This soup would be the key to his happiness.

Before the ceremony, he went for a taste and the soup was unpalatable. He felt so embarrassed, and frustrated that he spent all of his earnings on a worthless soup. Continue reading Achieving Your Goals: The Story of Why


October Goals!



Hey Everyone!

Every month I set a monthly goal list to keep me focused and on track to achieving them. Not only do I have monthly goals but I also have monthly action plans (action plans help with accountability and setting realistic expectations). I encourage you to do the same!

Currently, I am working a full time job as a Financial Analyst and I am a full time athlete training for the 2017 World Championship Trials in June 2017. Most of my days consist of waking up early before work and lifting weights, working an 8 hour day plus an hour lunch (so a 9 hour day), after work doing a track workout session, and finally returning home around 7/8pm. 

With my crazy schedule, I realized that even though I’m a highly ambitious person, there is no way I can go after everything I want without burning out. I have a lot of goals that I may need to put off for when I have more time but that doesn’t mean I can’t work towards some of them now.

This month I have a short goal list because this is the first time I’m going to be training and working full time and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to dedicate towards my aspirations. This month is going to be more about feeling things out.

So here it goes. My first goal list.

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