Journal Entry – Collateral Damage

Hey Everyone!

Today I’d like to talk about collateral damage, according to Webster’s dictionary:

Collateral damage: injury inflicted on something other than an intended target; specifically

Now, I know you may be asking why is this a topic and what does it have to do with anything. The question for today’s journal entry is

Are you causing Collateral Damage by not walking in your purpose?

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Where I’ve Been!?!?!

Hey All,

The last you all heard from me was so many months ago! (6 to be exact). And I know you are all probably wondering, WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? What I’m up to, how my goals are coming and most importantly, if I’m still competing. Well, finally after the long silent drought, I am here to fill you all in on what’s been going on with me, an update on my plans for the blog and most importantly whether I’ll be competing this year or not.

Because it has been so long I wanted to make this blog a little more personal and vlog it (Yes, me awkwardly talking to a camera haha)! But I thought it would also be cool to write as well. So you can continue reading if you’d like or check out my vlog below 🙂

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