A New Passion???

Hey All!

So, about a week ago I had sort of an epiphany and realized I really enjoy video editing. If you follow my blog you may have seen that I did a few low quality videos on my phone and did some editing for my feature fridays. I’ve also done some video editing for family before and some personal videos. While I enjoyed doing it, I never really thought anything of it. Last week, as I was waking from slumber I realized that it might actually be another passion of mine that I haven’t paid enough attention to.


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Sooo… I Big Chopped!


Hi Everyone!

So… I cut off 95% of my hair! This may be shocking to some people but it’s actually something I’ve been planning since March. If you know me personally, most likely you know my obsession with my hair and my obsession with healthy hair. I’ve studied tons of youtube gurus over the years (since 2011 when I first decided to wear my natural hair) and my bathroom looks like a hair salon.

While I haven’t had a perm since 2006 (10 years!!! That’s crazy!), I have been plagued with Heat Damage since I’ve been natural and this year I’d had enough! One day when looking at the hanging wavy and straight pieces coming from most of my head, I realized it had been 5 years since I started wearing my natural hair and the entire time I’ve had heat damage. I knew I didn’t want to go another 5 years fighting the same battle so I decided to do a big chop after my track season was over. Continue reading Sooo… I Big Chopped!