Resting When Sick


Hi All,

I hope you all having starting this week on a great foot! I was under the weather all last week and felt it would be a great opportunity to share my experience. Also, check out my tribute to Black History Month post a spoken word called Roots!

Workout Update

As I stated previously, I was sick all last week. I’m unsure what I caught but it was terrible, probably the worst sickness I’ve ever had. I have always been taught to train through being sick and that’s exactly what I planned on doing. I attempted to practice twice last week both to no avail. The first attempt, I realized when I got there I wasn’t going to be able to do it so I talked to my assistant coach and went home. The next day, I was feeling fairly better and started the warm up but was too ill to finish it. I talked with my coach and we decided to try his approach. Which is taking it easy when you’re sick because your body is already in deficient so it best to let it recover. It was a really hard pill for me to swallow because my workouts had been going so well and sitting out boring. So, for two days I stayed home, rested and tried to get better. Friday I was able to warm up and Saturday I did a light workout and today (Monday) I am back in the game!

Needless to say today’s practice was definitely a shock to my body but after being laid out for about 30 mins after the workout, I felt great! I guess I learned that you don’t always have to push through when you aren’t feeling well and there is definitely a line. I realize that I just didn’t want to look like I didn’t care or like I was being a punk so I was trying to make myself workout when I really just needed to get better. Trying to work out actually made me worse and it took a little longer to recover because of it. I’m learning my limits and better ways to approach situations that occur. 🙂

Advice to Young Athletes

Understand your limits and realize that it is okay to sit out sometimes. At the end of the day your health is more important and you can’t do quality work if you’re sick or injured. This lesson can be applied not only to illness but to minor injuries as well. I feel like as athletes we are always trying to suck it up or be macho when really we should take our time and let our bodies heal. It’s a constant learning process and every illness or injury has to be figured out individually but understanding your body and it’s limits is an important part of being an athlete because it is so easy to push ourselves too far.

Workout Tips

Today’s post is all about dealing with sickness so I’m going to give you sick tips instead and advice. When you recover from your sickness get back in the groove of working out as quickly as possible. It’s so easy to fall off and being sick is a perfect reason to lose motivation. But the first day you feel better remember your goals and keep pushing!

  1. Rest! Get lots of rest! Your body recovers when you sleep so when you’re sick rest is soooo important.
  2. Drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated. Electrolytes are your friend!
  3. Green Tea always helps me feel better.
  4. Medicate if needed. I personally don’t like to take medicine when I’m sick because it doesn’t do much for me but if things are severe I definitely will.
  5. Eat super foods if you can. If you can eat don’t just stick with soup. You should eat things like kale, spinach, blueberries, salads, fruit, etc. Those are the foods that are going to work best at helping your body fight the sickness. While soup is great if you have trouble holding things down.


Stay healthy! Thanks for reading!!  Please feel free to like, comment, and share! 

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