Holiday Eating: Planning And Moderation

Hey All,

I hope you all are having a beautiful Sunday! This week I wanted to take time to give everyone tips on how to tackle Thanksgiving eating. I know a lot of people are trying to stay on target for their goals and often times this Holiday season can be a real set back. So this is my advice to EVERYONE, Young Athletes and Non-Athletes.



This is very important and you should probably start this as soon as possible. Plan out your week. The best way to go about Holiday eating is to consider that day your “cheat day”. No one wants to be at a holiday dinner on a diet and have to watch everyone enjoy all the great food. So plan ahead of time and make sure you are keeping up with your healthy eating plan before and after Thanksgiving. Meal plan around the holiday and if you are going out of town try to eat at healthier restaurants ( Chipotle, Jason’s Deli, Panera Bread, etc) or pick up some healthy groceries if you can. Now I know a lot of people pig out on Thanksgiving and then decide to start back on their meal plans on Monday. Resist that temptation! Get back on that healthy lifestyle horse the very next day. Your body will thank you for it. Continue reading Holiday Eating: Planning And Moderation

Feature Friday – Vanessa Jones


After I changed my mentality, I became a new person.

Vanessa Jones is an American 400 meter runner and University of Southern California Alumni. She is a hard working, caring and enjoying life with tons of laughter. She is a 3x All-American and PAC 12 Champion in the 400 meter event. She ranks fourth on USC’s all-time list in the 400m event and has run on three of the top 10 Trojans’ 4x400m relay teams of all-time. She was also a high school stand out who was 4x Baseline League Champion and a 4x California State Finalist.

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Being More Than An Athlete

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! This week I wanted to talk about what I do outside of track and encourage everyone to be more than an Athlete. Whether you are a high school athlete or working a full time job, it is always beneficial to do more than the requirement!

Doing More

As many of you know, I am definitely more than an athlete, I have obtained my Masters in Business Administration (MBA), volunteered, traveled the world, done public speaking and much more. While I was in college, not only was I a scholarship athlete but I was on 3 executive boards for student organizations, interned, and volunteered. While I believe in being well rounded and not putting all your eggs in one basket, I will admit it does have some drawbacks. Sometimes being overloaded with different things can cause a loss of focus or the feeling of being overwhelmed. The key is finding a balance and knowing how much one can handle.


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Feature Friday Nigerian Hurdler Tameka Jameson

While there, experiencing the atmosphere, seeing other athletes that I had competed against numerous times, I was made to compete on the next level.


image2Tameka Jameson is a Nigerian 400 meter hurdler. She was a high school stand out and a 2 x ACC Champion, 2 X NCAA All-American, and has appeared on numerous international teams. Most people refer to her as the “famous Jameson Twin.” Her twin sister was also a track and field stand out and they both competed in the same event! Tameka is not only a trackstar but also a Mother, Athlete, Coach, and Mentor.


Making The Team – The Journey to Rio De Janeiro

So I have been getting a lot of questions on how professional athletes make the Olympic Team. So I decided to do a blog dedicated to what it will take for me to make the 2016 Olympic Team! I will go over the Olympic entry standards, the U.S. Olympic Trials, and what I have to do to make the team. Don’t worry, I still have advice for young athletes and workout tips. 🙂


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