Welcome March!

Hey Everyone!

Today is the last day of February, and I must admit I am happy to see it go! This winter has been the worst I’ve ever experienced with the cold weather and countless snow storms I’m literally counting down the days until it is over! We have had some beautiful days, like last week here in the DMV it was in the 60’s but that was followed up with two days of snow this week. It is so hard to get in quality training with the weather sooo back and forth. So I for one am rejoicing to see March! I’m hoping that we are at the tail end of winter and it won’t drag out like it did last year. I remember last year in May we had some pretty cold weeks.

I graduate from school next year and I am seriously thinking about relocating to some warmer weather but only time will tell. I hope you all are having great weeks! Talk to  you soon!


Foot Bruises and 600’s

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to give you guys an update on what’s been going on in my life the past few weeks. As you may know from a previous post, I decided to get new furniture for my apartment. In the previous post, I had pictures of want I thought I wanted to get and of course just like a female I changed my mind lol I ended up getting a bedroom set and new bedding that is gorgeous! I also bought a couch. And picked up a coffee table, t.v. stand, dining table, and bookcase from ikea. I am very pleased with the result 🙂 Once I have everything in order, I’ll post pictures. I still have to get paintings, window dressings, another small bookcase, and other things but I love the way my apartment is looking now. Before it had a college feel to it but now it is grown and sexy lol

Anywho, while I was trying to assemble all of my ikea purchases, I was moving the door to my bookcase out of the way and somehow ended up dropping it on my foot! Ouch! I bruised it pretty bad 😦 I took about a week off from training because I was in pain whenever I put a lot of pressure on it.

Yesterday was my first day back at practice and I decided to practice with the team (most of the time I practice by myself because of my busy schedule). Because of my foot my coach and I decided to have me go longer. 800 breakdown 600/200 split. I ran the first 600 feeling really good and really pushing the last 200. I was well ahead of the girls I was running with and felt like maybe I was running too fast but since I only had one I just went with it. When I ran the 200, I really went for it and gave it everything I had left! I felt really great at the end and thought I had completed a solid workout. To my dismay, I was then informed that we had another rep! :O I had killed my legs on the first rep!!! Needless to say the second 600 was a very ugly sight :/ My legs were completely dead and I was wayyyy behind the pack. Fortunately, I pulled it together for the second 200 and finished only a second slower than the first.

So, the lesson for the day was “Always know your workout, so you can plan accordingly” lol I won’t be making that mistake again lol I hope all is well with you guys! Stay tuned for my updates and stay blessed 😀

7 Weeks of Transformation


Hello everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday! Unfortunately, after a full weekend of class (8:30 until about 5), I was too tired to go out and watch the Super Bowl. I started watching it at home but fell asleep :/ At least I didn’t miss anything or so I heard.

Recently, while looking at my life goals and aspirations I realized while I am working on major goals (getting my MBA, pursuing a track career, building my relationship with God, etc) there are still other goals that I have not been putting any effort in (learning guitar and Spanish, volunteering, reading more). So, I have decided to take 7 weeks to begin a transformation.

I’ve always had an idea of the kind of woman I want to be, as I get older I am becoming closer to that woman. Even though I am closer I think I need a push or a jump start. I feel as if I’ve been pretty stagnant and am starting to find comfort in where I am. So, I am going to give myself that push.

You are probably wondering what exactly “7 weeks of transformation” means, obviously, I can’t completely transform into the person I want to be in 7 weeks. I’ll probably never transform completely into the person I want to be because that’s what life is about and the person I want to be will continue to change as I grow and life brings changes. What my transformation means is that I’m going to take the next 7 weeks to focus on me, my goals and aspirations. It means I am going to commit myself to working on things that I have been putting off for no apparent reason. Things that I may be mastering now if I’d started back when I decided I wanted to learn/ do them.

So, basically I’m taking 7 weeks for myself and my future self to work on things I haven’t been able to get around to, put off, or kept leaving for tomorrow. 😀