Great Things Are Coming!!!

As the summer begins to come to a close I am more than excited about the fall! After I got back from Kazan (which was one of the most AMAZING experiences of my life) I kind of hit a winter season. While great things were happening nothing was starting yet. Everything was for the future. So, now that my winter season is almost over and Spring (beginning to work in the garden, plant seeds and watch everything grow, A time of new beginnings) is approaching I am beyond excited. I must say that everything in my life is falling into place! 😀 I have a little bit of money, I have a strong relationship with God, I love all of my jobs (my morning job office job is actually going to put in for me to get a raise this fall), I am going to be coaching at a high school called School Without Walls, School is starting and I have very interesting classes, and finally training for track will begin shortly (and with a full training season who knows how it will go this year!). God is working and I am seeing the seeds for his manifestations! I can’t believe a year ago I was miserable and now I can’t think of a single area of my life that isn’t blessed and wonderful. Everything is on the up and up! I am no fool. I know what goes up must come down but until that time, I am enjoying my blessings and shining in his Glory! 

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