Welcome 2013

Hey Guys,

Happy New Year Everyone (Extra Late)!! I know you probably want an update on my 10 day juicing. Unfortunately, I don’t think it was in the stars for me to do so. The first day I started juicing, I had to cut some carrots to put in my juicer. I ended up cutting my poor little thumb and had to go to the hospital and I had to get five stitches. I was going to give it a day or two and juice anyway but the very next day I got a cold. So, I decided not to do the juicing fast 😦 I will probably do it before my next track season. It probably isn’t the best idea for me to juice and train anyway. Instead I am going to incorporate the juice into my diet and try to drink some daily.wpid-IMG_20130101_141920.jpgwpid-IMG_20130101_183358.jpg

I don’t have any New Year Resolutions. I am trying to be better overall and I started working on that well before the new year and will continue throughout this year. Do you have any New Year Resolutions???